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Annoying (SwiftRaider and Diverse Dare #2) :iconskywings808:Skywings808 6 11 Glowstick (SwiftRaider and Diverse Dare) :iconskywings808:Skywings808 4 8 Hexacate Ref :iconskywings808:Skywings808 8 2 Happy Saint Patrick's Day! :iconskywings808:Skywings808 4 3 Ask or Dare SwiftRaider and Diverse :iconskywings808:Skywings808 7 5 Commish: Fire Strike :iconskywings808:Skywings808 4 3 Minicon Adopts! :iconskywings808:Skywings808 8 37 Sunsets :iconskywings808:Skywings808 8 5 Multiplayer :iconskywings808:Skywings808 4 0 Amino Trade :iconskywings808:Skywings808 4 5 Hershey Kisses OVERLOAD :iconskywings808:Skywings808 1 2
It had been a long day for everyone aboard the Nemesis, especially for the troops who had spent all day mining a new energon deposit. Of course, there were some accidents which were common in a working environment, resulting in the injury of several Vehicons. One of said Vehicons limped down the maze-like corridors of the Nemesis, grimacing as he held his wounded arm. He identified as one of the lower ranking Vehicons, therefore, was forced to do a majority of the grunt work. He didn't have a set name, everyone either addressed him by his model number, 2-980, or just by the name “Vehicon”.
“I walk a lonely road, the only one I have ever known..”
The Vehicon stopped in his tracks upon hearing the faint echo of what sounded like a song that seemed to float from one of corridors.
“...I don't know where it goes but it's home to me and I walk alone.”
He cocked his head and tuned his audio receptors, trying to pinpoint which hall it came from
:iconskywings808:Skywings808 2 7
FR #2 SkybladexSwiftRaider: Lil Jets :iconskywings808:Skywings808 5 5 Graceful :iconskywings808:Skywings808 13 0 T Shirt Jade FINAL :iconskywings808:Skywings808 2 0 ::CE:: Gotcha :iconskywings808:Skywings808 12 4
If you like my work, please comment! I love to get feedback :)


PJ's Daycare: Ink :iconnightshade145:nightshade145 4 2 I'm the sexiest man alive :iconcrimsonic-crisis:Crimsonic-Crisis 20 7 Lilo and Stitch :iconartbox99:artbox99 41 11 The Light :iconlrguy:lrguy 9 12 That's Life P56 :icondoomiscool:doomiscool 9 5 MAMA'S LITTLE BOY :iconsabrerine911:Sabrerine911 88 9 TFP - Just smile... :iconshade-silverwing:Shade-SilverWing 848 112 Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up! :icongarnet-frost:Garnet-Frost 51 30 I'm Better :iconblitzy-blitzwing:Blitzy-Blitzwing 43 16
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:icongo:GO 682 1,851
TFP: If You Stare Into the Void
There was a smiley emoji on Soundwave's visor that day.
Nobody had the courage to ask why. But everyone was looking.
Such a peculiar thing, that smiley face. A simple circle, with a curved line and two dashes on the inside. It was strange how such a small and insignificant thing could cause so much. . .
That was the only proper name for it, anyway.
Even Megatron, commander of the Decepticon army, was intimidated. But the warlord wouldn't let some silly paranoia get the best of him.
The silent soldier walked towards him. The innocent blue emoji on his otherwise blank visor looked right through him.
"What is that on your visor?"
The empty stare from the picture was the only reply.
"Remove it."
The smile stayed, unblinking on the screen. 
"That was an order."
Placid as ever, the emoticon remained.
"Soundwave!" Megatron snapped.
The face, the little, digitalized face, stared down the commander. The silence grew thick.
"I ordered you!" His vo
:iconmegan1289:Megan1289 11 11
TFP: Dreadwing's legacy
    It was difficult to feel where his limbs ended and the universe began.
    He was isolated. Alone. Yet at the same time he was everywhere at once.
    Voices, voices varying from shouts to whispers rang throughout his mind.
    Then silence.
    He began to feel warmer.
    And cushioned. A gentle softness caressed his frame, lifting him up.
    A light shone in the distance, getting brighter as he grew closer.
    His optics drooped.
    Then a sudden burst of realization woke his senses.
    It concentrated in a single, determined thought:
    I'm not ready to leave this world. 
    Dreadwing awoke.
:iconmegan1289:Megan1289 8 8
Arcee painting :iconlalacat2000:lalacat2000 77 37 First Flight w/ Speedpaint :iconcaptain-ladue:Captain-LaDue 125 55 The Cat Incident (Animated) :iconlaserbot:Laserbot 54 8 predaking :iconkandagawagufu:kandagawagufu 41 2


It's hard to put into words how awesome this piece is. Although I am not much of a Megatron fan, this pic is epic. I love the different...


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What's up? I'm Skywings, a dorky high school girl who lives in Hawaii. I love to draw, mostly traditional but I'm beginning to learn digital. I'm a huge fan of Transformers, FNAF, and some other fandoms I can't think of. I hope to become an animator/storyboard artist or a character designer. I hope you all like my works :)

My awesome dA family peeps~

The awkward aunt that only attends family reunions and only talks about writing so she can't socialize very well with all of her artsy family: :iconmegan1289:

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Which TFP character would you like to see me draw?
Have you guys noticed that with each Bayverse movie, the traditional Decepticons are becoming scarcer and scarcer as the battle shifts from Autobots v. Decepticons to Autobots v. Humans?
Which of my OCs do you like most and why?
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ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Edited Dec 17, 2016
And besides, it was not the first time that I made a satire with video-game themes, and it is not going the the last.

See here for two sections showing other satires I have made:
And I'm never gonna stop the satire. As long as there are vain people with warped priorities like you that are overprotective of minor, insignificant things (in your case, early-term zygotes that literally have no physical human features at all despite containing human DNA), I can have inspiration to make all of the satire I desire to make. No matter what you say.
Skywings808 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Bro, I'm not the one harassing other deviants. I told you to stop and I mean it, I do not wish to be a part of any of your "satire" and have what I believe in taken as a joke. I don't even know why you're still obsessing about a comment I made back in JULY. Jeez, move on already and leave me out of it.
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016
No, like I said before, I will not stop with my satirical writing on some of my journals and and some of my deviations.

I've already moved on, but that certainly does not mean that I cannot make satire about the fools of DeviantArt like yourself.

And too bad. I've already made your misguided stance to "defend" completely expendable zygotes as a subject of my satire, and since my works are nonprofit AND for the sake of parody, copyright laws cannot stop me.

Bottom line, I will never stop my satire in the form of deviations and journals, and there's nothing you can do about it.

And I will not leave you, your warped priorities, or your vanity out of it. Anyone who does anything stupid like that on DeviantArt is potential for my satire.
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016
I am not harassing anybody. And I am not obsessing over anybody either.

I'm simply just taking any I can opportunity to create satire in the hopes that I can show others, via the satire, of course, why your vanity and warped priorities are not helpful at all.
Skywings808 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok see, if you were a respectable person, you'd respect my wishes and stop. I don't care if you see me as an opportunity, you don't see me putting others who have differing beliefs than me in the spotlight. Don't post anything about me again.
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