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StormWalker (2017 Redesign) by Skywings808 StormWalker (2017 Redesign) :iconskywings808:Skywings808 3 2 We Belong to One, and to One Only by Skywings808
Mature content
We Belong to One, and to One Only :iconskywings808:Skywings808 14 2
Tussle (ProphetofPrimes Commish) by Skywings808 Tussle (ProphetofPrimes Commish) :iconskywings808:Skywings808 8 5 CE: Matching? by Skywings808 CE: Matching? :iconskywings808:Skywings808 14 4 A Friend by Skywings808 A Friend :iconskywings808:Skywings808 11 4 CE: Double Trouble by Skywings808 CE: Double Trouble :iconskywings808:Skywings808 8 4
Starscream's Speech
NOTE: So this was an assignment given to me by my AP English teacher. We had to write a speech portraying ourselves as a character trying to persuade others to do or believe something. While kids in my class chose things like SJW, I went down a rather nerdier path. Had to use vocab so SS may be OOC and a tad cringy sorrynotsorry.
If there are parts that are too cringy, please let me know so I can fix it : )
     Greetings my fellow comrades. Now, I'm more than sure you all know who I am, being your superior commanding officer, but on the off chance that you do not, I am to be referred to as Lord Starscream from here on out. As you all may have noticed, we Decepticons have gained little to no advantage over the Autobots as of late under Megatron's inveterate yet inefficient rule. Yes, he may have once been whet back in the days he fought in the pits of Kaon as an almighty gladiator, but he has grown tor
:iconskywings808:Skywings808 3 20
No Escape: A TFP OC Story ch.18
Overall rated T for violence, gore
This chapter rated T.
Summary: Once again back at base, Zero becomes knowledgeable of the Autobots and their true intentions.
~3rd person POV~
~Back on the Nemesis~
“You LOST HIM??!!!!” Megatron raged, getting spit all over Knockout’s face, who fought the urge to recoil in disgust.
“M-m-my liege-”  
“DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THIS COULD MEAN FOR US KNOCKOUT?!!?!!!! If Predaking should get curious and stumble upon the miniature abomination roaming around, IT WILL BE OUR END!!!!”
The medic’s legs melted into jelly and he struggled not to tremble under Megatron’s intimidating frame that towered ever so furiously over him. The only other bots in the room with them were Soundwave, who, as usual, remained at his post at the monitor, unfazed by the action, and Starscream, who decided to slip in the room to witness Knockout burn in the fire th
:iconskywings808:Skywings808 2 5
The Force Is...Not So Strong With This One... by Skywings808 The Force Is...Not So Strong With This One... :iconskywings808:Skywings808 7 2
No Escape: A TFP OC Story Ch. 17
Overall rated T for violence, gore
This chapter rated T.
Summary: Zero devises a way to escape this “prison” of his, still unaware to whom the Autobots are exactly.
Miko just stared at me for a moment and I began to worry that this was a bad idea and she was going to tell the others. Her eyes deviated away from mine as uncertainty gripped her. “I don't know, what if Ratchet found out?...And what if Bulkhead-” I was losing her.
“C’mon kid! You're really going to let yourself be bound by ‘what ifs?’ I thought you wanted to see some dragon action. Sometimes you gotta break some rules to have some fun” I pushed on, nearly pleading. It wasn't hard for me to figure out her type. She is type that loved to have things her way and she would break rules and disobey orders to have it that way. All she had to do was agree.
“Meh, what the heck” Miko spoke up, shrugging her sh
:iconskywings808:Skywings808 2 10
Well Well, What Have We Got Here? by Skywings808 Well Well, What Have We Got Here? :iconskywings808:Skywings808 8 4 Pear Pear Pear Pear by Skywings808 Pear Pear Pear Pear :iconskywings808:Skywings808 2 2
TFP OC Story: Just A Bet
Diverse had lost the bet. Now he had to pay for it.
He was to consume fifty cubes of energon under 5 minutes time, quite an impossible task. However, Diverse, wanting the premium high grade offered to him if he managed, foolishly accepted. Even for someone like him who did nothing all day but sit on his aft drinking the stuff, of course he wasn't able to finish; he came up twenty cubes short, which was still rather impressive. The Vehicons who had bet with him in the first place had gathered about to discuss his punishment while he waited in his quarters.
Diverse lay on his berth, waiting as the Vehicons had instructed him to. Of course, he was upset with himself for not being able to finish the remainder, but all of that energon had left him curled up in pain and utterly sick as his fuel tank threatened to throw it all back up. He curled up tighter and squeezed his optics shut as his abdomen made a funny noise. He felt like he was going to explode. The orange Decepticon groaned as he
:iconskywings808:Skywings808 6 8
Annoying (SwiftRaider and Diverse Dare #2) by Skywings808 Annoying (SwiftRaider and Diverse Dare #2) :iconskywings808:Skywings808 6 11 Glowstick (SwiftRaider and Diverse Dare) by Skywings808 Glowstick (SwiftRaider and Diverse Dare) :iconskywings808:Skywings808 4 8 Hexacate Ref by Skywings808 Hexacate Ref :iconskywings808:Skywings808 8 2
If you like my work, please comment! I love to get feedback :)


Contest (open)
- let a comment in this journal (or note me) for be inscribe
- you can do more than one entry (that give chance to have more than one price)
- only draw: digital and traditionnal art are accept 
- you can do the size you want: halfbody, allbody, etc
don't have specific scene, ( just don't do romantic scene with father/daugther xD )
tag friend, only if you want. That not obligated
- Share this journal or fav. That not obligated, but really appreciated! :) 
- give the draw before de contest end
- because some body are stupid, i must add this rules: don't steal base or pic for do your. Ask before use anything if it's not your creation! COPYRIGHHT IS IMPORTANT
You need more information? Don't be shy to ask in comment :) 
Price + winner (comming soon):
1- 6500 points: :icon
2- 3000 points :icon
3- 1500 points :icon
4- Art price, you can ask 2 request, maximum 2
:iconac-zircon:Ac-Zircon 46 68
Black Hat by Grimmstein Black Hat :icongrimmstein:Grimmstein 144 8 Final Smash by AmazingArtistYellow Final Smash :iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 2,385 110 #WeAreTheArtists by ProphetofPrimes #WeAreTheArtists :iconprophetofprimes:ProphetofPrimes 82 62 Transformers Prime: Rubywing Reference Sheet by KingRebecca Transformers Prime: Rubywing Reference Sheet :iconkingrebecca:KingRebecca 50 26
TFP: Light
And suddenly there was light.
Optimus Prime stood on the ridge as the brilliant sun came over the horizon. The light that it brought flickered and reflected, bounced and waved, off the many sharp metallic edges that were the ruins of Cybertron.
A light that reflected and sparkled in his optics. He closed them, and took a deep breath inward.
This was Cybertron. New Cybertron. A Cybertron that so many would not be able to see. So many that he had promised, promised that they would make it. This was the promise fulfilled, and now he stood alone, all alone, in the glory of it all.
Why was he here?
Why not them?
Why not the people who gave everything for the war? Why not the people who had suffered through eons upon eons of pain? Why not the people who had fought so hard, so loyally, for this future in which they never got to see?
The great Prime's frame shuddered.
He didn't deserve to be here. He didn't deserve this. He didn't give anything for this. He might
:iconmegan1289:Megan1289 8 5
Transformers: Bloodline PAGE 9 by KingRebecca Transformers: Bloodline PAGE 9 :iconkingrebecca:KingRebecca 26 19 AOE Optimus Prime sketch by ProphetofPrimes AOE Optimus Prime sketch :iconprophetofprimes:ProphetofPrimes 48 26 More boy characters .:stamp:. by Monkey-Girl146 More boy characters .:stamp:. :iconmonkey-girl146:Monkey-Girl146 163 18 True Meaning by nghplz True Meaning :iconnghplz:nghplz 403 0 Birthday! by Nightscream19 Birthday! :iconnightscream19:Nightscream19 9 7 Smoll and sweet by Straycatz90 Smoll and sweet :iconstraycatz90:Straycatz90 26 18


It's hard to put into words how awesome this piece is. Although I am not much of a Megatron fan, this pic is epic. I love the different...


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United States
What's up? I'm Skywings, a dorky high school girl who lives in Hawaii. I love to draw, mostly traditional but I'm beginning to learn digital. I'm a huge fan of Transformers, FNAF, and some other fandoms I can't think of. I hope to become an animator/storyboard artist or a character designer. I hope you all like my works :)

My awesome dA family peeps~

The awkward aunt that only attends family reunions and only talks about writing so she can't socialize very well with all of her artsy family: :iconmegan1289:

Sisters: :icona-paranoid-android: :iconiamatehcat: :iconprophetofprimes:

Lil sis: :iconpinoleon:

Ask if you would like to be on here :)

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Current Fandoms~

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Stamp:Don't steal my Oc by LuzbelDestello Woman Against Abortion - Stamp by Starrceline Me And My DA Will Serve The Lord - Stamp by Starrceline


2 week warning for my contest guys! Just a heads up, I've only got one entry so far.
My friend's b-day was today and because we three saw 47 Meters Down (not worth seeing tbh), we were on the topic of horror movies when we went out to eat at Johnny Rockets (yeah, they brought it to Hawaii) and here's how it basically went:

Friend 1 (not b-day boi): Like in Hatchet? Don't aim for the chainsaw! In horror movies, always aim for the head!! AIM FOR THE HEAD!!!

Me (someone really dorky who doesn't really like horror films and started to watch TFP again recently): *totally zoning out while imagining this scene*

"Aim for the head! I've seen human horror films! At drive in theaters!!"

"Forget the head! Go for the spark!!"

"You severed the link to the Dark Energon. Human horror films, waste of time."

I'm too much of a kid XD
Me: *watching TFP because she's feeling nostalgic* 

*Bumblebee chirps fill the room*

Mom: *walks in and is quiet for a moment* Is that Bumblebee? Can he not talk?

Me: No, not in this series, his voice was damaged.

Mom: *imitates Bee* Beep-boop-beep-beep!

Me: ...what?

*Starscream comes onscreen and begins to rant*

Mom: *imitates Starscream's rasp*


Hey guys! So idk if anyone has noticed, and it's totally fine if you didn't, but I haven't been very active on here for the past week and thats mainly to do with me getting my first job at a place called Painting With a Twist :happybounce: . I start on Saturday and this week has been quite busy with signing papers and meeting the managers and jazz like that, so that's one reason I'm going to go on a small hiatus. The other reason, however, has pushed me to go on hiatus regardless. Some things happened in my personal life (don't worry, no one died or anything on that level of bad) and I was grounded from my iPad, which is my only convenient source of internet (using the family laptop rn which I can't get away with using all the time). I don't know how long this'll last, hopefully not too long, so I apologize to anyone I'm in an RP with, owe art to, and such. Till then, this is Skywings signing off wave remake 


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Sure thing!

StormWalker- never seen water or beach but because it has to do with organics, I don't think he'd really care for it so much.

Skyblade, Zero, Firewheel, Diverse- Would like it if they tried.

SwiftRaider- Loves the water because of how relaxing it is but cannot stand sand.

Sonicbeat- Wouldn't care for it at all.
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