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No Escape: A TFP OC Story Ch. 17
Overall rated T for violence, gore
This chapter rated T.
Summary: Zero devises a way to escape this “prison” of his, still unaware to whom the Autobots are exactly.
Miko just stared at me for a moment and I began to worry that this was a bad idea and she was going to tell the others. Her eyes deviated away from mine as uncertainty gripped her. “I don't know, what if Ratchet found out?...And what if Bulkhead-” I was losing her.
“C’mon kid! You're really going to let yourself be bound by ‘what ifs?’ I thought you wanted to see some dragon action. Sometimes you gotta break some rules to have some fun” I pushed on, nearly pleading. It wasn't hard for me to figure out her type. She is type that loved to have things her way and she would break rules and disobey orders to have it that way. All she had to do was agree.
“Meh, what the heck” Miko spoke up, shrugging her sh
:iconskywings808:Skywings808 1 0
Well Well, What Have We Got Here? :iconskywings808:Skywings808 7 4 Pear Pear Pear Pear :iconskywings808:Skywings808 2 2
TFP OC Story: Just A Bet
Diverse had lost the bet. Now he had to pay for it.
He was to consume fifty cubes of energon under 5 minutes time, quite an impossible task. However, Diverse, wanting the premium high grade offered to him if he managed, foolishly accepted. Even for someone like him who did nothing all day but sit on his aft drinking the stuff, of course he wasn't able to finish; he came up twenty cubes short, which was still rather impressive. The Vehicons who had bet with him in the first place had gathered about to discuss his punishment while he waited in his quarters.
Diverse lay on his berth, waiting as the Vehicons had instructed him to. Of course, he was upset with himself for not being able to finish the remainder, but all of that energon had left him curled up in pain and utterly sick as his fuel tank threatened to throw it all back up. He curled up tighter and squeezed his optics shut as his abdomen made a funny noise. He felt like he was going to explode. The orange Decepticon groaned as he
:iconskywings808:Skywings808 5 8
Annoying (SwiftRaider and Diverse Dare #2) :iconskywings808:Skywings808 6 11 Glowstick (SwiftRaider and Diverse Dare) :iconskywings808:Skywings808 4 8 Hexacate Ref :iconskywings808:Skywings808 8 2 Happy Saint Patrick's Day! :iconskywings808:Skywings808 4 3 Ask or Dare SwiftRaider and Diverse :iconskywings808:Skywings808 7 5 Commish: Fire Strike :iconskywings808:Skywings808 4 3 Minicon Adopts! (Sold Out) :iconskywings808:Skywings808 9 39 Sunsets :iconskywings808:Skywings808 8 5 Multiplayer :iconskywings808:Skywings808 4 0 Amino Trade :iconskywings808:Skywings808 4 5 Hershey Kisses OVERLOAD :iconskywings808:Skywings808 1 2
It had been a long day for everyone aboard the Nemesis, especially for the troops who had spent all day mining a new energon deposit. Of course, there were some accidents which were common in a working environment, resulting in the injury of several Vehicons. One of said Vehicons limped down the maze-like corridors of the Nemesis, grimacing as he held his wounded arm. He identified as one of the lower ranking Vehicons, therefore, was forced to do a majority of the grunt work. He didn't have a set name, everyone either addressed him by his model number, 2-980, or just by the name “Vehicon”.
“I walk a lonely road, the only one I have ever known..”
The Vehicon stopped in his tracks upon hearing the faint echo of what sounded like a song that seemed to float from one of corridors.
“...I don't know where it goes but it's home to me and I walk alone.”
He cocked his head and tuned his audio receptors, trying to pinpoint which hall it came from
:iconskywings808:Skywings808 2 7
If you like my work, please comment! I love to get feedback :)


TFP: Paperwork
"By the ALLSPARK."
    Knockout rolled his optics and let out an exasperated sigh.
"I asked for these medical files to be transcripted yesterday, and this is what I get?!"
    He stared at the sloppy pile of datapads in front of him. All but two were completely empty. These were supposed to be hard copies of the Autobot medical files, but something had gone wrong during the process.
    He strode over to the medbay computer, and quickly composed his annoyance into words.
Dear Bumblebee,
Why are you Autobots so bad at simple paperwork?
Sincerely, an Angry Medic
He hit the send button before his common sense finally caught up. He nearly kicked himself. Maybe he was taking this Autobot "Free Speech" thing to seriously. There was no way he wasn't going to get yelled at for that.
    One minute. No response. The anticipation was going to kill him.
    Two minutes. Nothing still.
:iconmegan1289:Megan1289 4 9
Radioactive AU :iconfabulouskat:FabulousKat 4 1 Tfp: Rank A** Breath :iconfirebugdemon727:FireBugDemon727 70 32
Mature content
Infection (school breadth piece) :iconninja-formersjunkie:Ninja-FormersJunkie 7 15
TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE :iconsabrerine911:Sabrerine911 116 3 DAMN DANIEL :iconyodana:yodana 8 3
Little Flower--A TFP Fan Fiction: Ch. 16, pt.2
    Summary: the chance of vengeance is on the line, and is taken. A lost signal returns to the Autobots’ attention. A last-minute decision is made, and an old battle is renewed.
    ~~This chapter is rated T for some violence.~~
    TFP © Hasbro
    Lily © Me
~Chapter Sixteen: End of the Rope, part two~
     To say Lily was in control wouldn’t be putting it quite right. She had been extremely quiet for most of the time, in her own conscience. Ever since the Shadow promised her the chance of revenge and freedom, Lily allowed the being to pull the reigns and guide her through it all. At first Lily was able to make the decisions, but soon n
:iconninja-formersjunkie:Ninja-FormersJunkie 5 17
Starscream X OC - YAAA - HIAD

Chapter 1 - Team Primes new recruit
(Might not be a bad idea to read the discription first to understand why it starts like this)

Today was your very first day on the job working with the Legendary Optimus Prime and you were bouncing off the wall with enthusiasm. You had heard so many stories about him but never thought in your wildest dreams you would be able to work beside him, and yet here you were. Just like many other Cybertronians you missed home with your entire spark and beckoned for the day when it would be restored. With a blissful glee of determination on your faceplate and the sun gently kissing your _____(OC Optic color) Optics, you bounced out of bed like an Earth bunny. After making the bed and giving your room a quick clean you closed the door and marched outside to where the main room was. The sun was peacefully dancing on the large Autobot symbol on the floor as you trotted over to it and saluted with pride turning on your f
:iconcybertronian-rp:Cybertronian-RP 8 9
Hello Ladies~ :iconyodana:yodana 6 17 A Bad Name :iconxxdialinnxx:XxDiaLinnxX 577 42 Message about + to Fake Christians :iconxxdialinnxx:XxDiaLinnxX 383 139
Undertale: Mugged (angsty one shot)
"Come on, bro. Let's take this shortcut. It'll be easier."
"Are you sure, Sans? It looks rather dark."
"So what? It's a short walk to the other side. It'll keep us from going around the entire block."
    The alley looked long. But they were almost late. They were meeting up with Undyne and Alphys at a relatively fancy restaurant that Frisk had recommended they try. And not knowing much about the surface, they gladly accepted the suggestion. The only problem was that it was downtown. Parking was impossible to find.
    Sans went off down the alley. Papyrus followed. He didn't like the dark all that much. Dark was scary. And the tall buildings on either side enclosed the space, reminding him of some of the more claustrophobic parts of Waterfall.
    Papyrus caught up and quickened his walk. They passed by a corner with a couple dumpsters strewn about.
Sans began to protest. "Hey bro, what's with the pace? You trying to poop me out-"
:iconmegan1289:Megan1289 5 3
Paint Shenanigans :iconkingrebecca:KingRebecca 44 14 The Bar Is Where I Go :iconcaptain-ladue:Captain-LaDue 74 22
Extended until may 31
because of rl problems I will be back may 14 xc 
* share this in a journal/status post.
*you don't have to be a watcher
*be nice this contest is for fun c:
*any art welcome
*comment "I'm in" below 
*feb 27-may 31
1st: 1500 points
2nd: 750 points
3rd: 400 points
oc meets oc 
draw one of my oc with yours, they can be fighting, talking,etc.
1. Winry88
2. MeAndTwin
3. ZeralthKzadiuPrime
4. TFomegastar
5. XShockshellX 
6. Straycatz90 
7. Prismatic-Machine
8. Skywings808
:icontacticalrange:TacticalRange 10 27


It's hard to put into words how awesome this piece is. Although I am not much of a Megatron fan, this pic is epic. I love the different...


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
What's up? I'm Skywings, a dorky high school girl who lives in Hawaii. I love to draw, mostly traditional but I'm beginning to learn digital. I'm a huge fan of Transformers, FNAF, and some other fandoms I can't think of. I hope to become an animator/storyboard artist or a character designer. I hope you all like my works :)

My awesome dA family peeps~

The awkward aunt that only attends family reunions and only talks about writing so she can't socialize very well with all of her artsy family: :iconmegan1289:

Sisters: :icona-paranoid-android: :iconiamatehcat:

Lil sis: :iconpinoleon:

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I have fallen into the remix hole that is Nightcore...
Wierd/awkward question and I'll probably delete this later but I've seen it from time to time and I don't know exactly what to think of it...

What is your guys' opinions on Transformers relieving themselves?
Have you guys noticed that with each Bayverse movie, the traditional Decepticons are becoming scarcer and scarcer as the battle shifts from Autobots v. Decepticons to Autobots v. Humans?
Which of my OCs do you like most and why?
Stolen from Blue-Starlights

[ ] You have blue/green eyes
[X] You have freckles 
[X] You blush a lot (Apparently, from what other people say, idk)
[X] You giggle
[X] You're quiet 
[X] You say random things
[ ] You have a baby face 
[ ] You wear more "down-to-earth" kind of clothing 
[ ] You're under 5 feet 6 inches (Bruh...I'm just about 5 "8...)

Total: 5

[X] You're a virgin
[/] Just thinking of sexual things make you blush
[ ] Your idea of a date is really romantic 
[X] You sleep with a stuffed animal (Half the FNAF crew XD)
[/] You like to cuddle
[X] You have never played the nervous game
[ ] You don't even know what the nervous game is 

Total: 4

[ ] You like the color pink 
[ ] You tend to wear light colors 
[X] You CAN be ignorant 
[X] You consider yourself shy
[X] You like happy, upbeat music
[ ] You like "cutesy" music
[X] You like small animals 
[ ] You like babies a lot (They're cute, don't get me wrong)
[/] Mini version of things make you go nuts (Depends on the thing)

Total: 4.5

Overall Total: 13.5

Now take your number and multiple it by 5. 
Then re-post this as "I'm --% Cute".


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And besides, it was not the first time that I made a satire with video-game themes, and it is not going the the last.

See here for two sections showing other satires I have made:
And I'm never gonna stop the satire. As long as there are vain people with warped priorities like you that are overprotective of minor, insignificant things (in your case, early-term zygotes that literally have no physical human features at all despite containing human DNA), I can have inspiration to make all of the satire I desire to make. No matter what you say.
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And too bad. I've already made your misguided stance to "defend" completely expendable zygotes as a subject of my satire, and since my works are nonprofit AND for the sake of parody, copyright laws cannot stop me.

Bottom line, I will never stop my satire in the form of deviations and journals, and there's nothing you can do about it.

And I will not leave you, your warped priorities, or your vanity out of it. Anyone who does anything stupid like that on DeviantArt is potential for my satire.
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I am not harassing anybody. And I am not obsessing over anybody either.

I'm simply just taking any I can opportunity to create satire in the hopes that I can show others, via the satire, of course, why your vanity and warped priorities are not helpful at all.
Skywings808 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok see, if you were a respectable person, you'd respect my wishes and stop. I don't care if you see me as an opportunity, you don't see me putting others who have differing beliefs than me in the spotlight. Don't post anything about me again.
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